Rocky Anderson on his Presidential Run, Ron Paul, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA & Occupy Wall Street (Minority Report)

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Riveting from the start, but a few notes from the last bit:

(19:00) “Look, the Democrats and the Republicans are lying to you. And they can’t do otherwise because they are bought off by the special interests that control this country.”

(20:00) “Even when the alternative party looses, that kind of a movement can have a greater impact on our nation and on our world than perhaps even the candidate who ends up winning because the American people have gotten behind it.” (examples at 20:10)

On Ron Paul

(21:00) “Ron Paul stands for things [progressives] will absolutely disagree with. He’s popular because he’s the only one mainstream media is covering who is calling for us to get out of these wars. But he also says the government shouldn’t have a role in so many areas, including the regulation of pollution. He says the answer to our environmental problems is strict observance of private property rights. I think that’s just a crock.

Ron Paul is a total isolationist. He would not advocate to join with the international community to end genocides.

He thinks the civil rights act is somehow an impingement on our personal freedoms. I think that is bazaar. He’s calling for a type of government that would be unrecognizable to most of us.

Progressives should reject that.”

On running as a third party candidate – listen @ 25:30

(26:18) “The lesser of two evils, according to most people now, signs legislation and actually advocated for legislation that gives him the power to indefinitely detain even American people – without charges, without legal representation, without a trial. It’s absolutely un-American.

[Obama has] turned his back on the rule of law in so many different ways. He’s supported Wall Street, he’s surrounded himself with Goldman Sacs people..”

On Occupy Wall Street – listen @ 27:00

From Reddit – Q & A with Rocky Anderson

Q: This is Reddit, so I’ll be the first to ask. What are your views on the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA)?

Rocky Anderson: “I am vehemently opposed to both acts. One of the essential elements of my campaign is the democratized means of communication that is helping to bring down dictators — and allowing us all opportunities through user-generated cyberspace the means to create, innovate, and yield a greater voice with expanded freedoms.

I have often said that, in this campaign, social media will help us topple the dictatorship of corrupt money in our government.

Many current elected officials seem to have little regard for due process, as reflected in these bills, as well as in the outrageous NDAA provisions allowing for indefinite detention.

We must act in every way to protect the rule of law, including due process rights. Due process is one of the most important features of a free society. There are a multitude of problems with these acts that are characteristic of the positions of many, if not most, Republicans and Democrats in recent years.

These bills are written in such broad terms that they effectively give corporations the purported legal justification to infringe on basic freedoms.

For example, SOPA allows the Department of Justice and copyright holders to request court orders against those allegedly distributing copyrighted material without permission. These court orders can require search engines to omit search results of suspect websites, and require Internet service providers to block the site’s DNS records. On top of that, they could force payment processors (credit card companies, Paypal, etc.) to freeze accounts associated with those accused websites. This would be devastating to the Internet, users, and to freedom generally.

Initiatives like this have been implemented by some other countries, but the nature of these bills is akin to anti-freedom Internet policies of Iran and China.

These bills portend a further diminution of our freedom and democracy, ironically at a time when our government contends it is fighting wars to bring greater freedom and democracy to other nations.”


Watch: Rocky Anderson Preempts & Opposes NDAA, Obama’s Indefinite Detainment, Months Before Signed

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