UPDATED: Little girl pepper sprayed at point blank range

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Update: this image was taken recently in a shanty town in Brazil, rather than Fort Worth. Our prayers go out to all of humanity suffering under corruption – which knows no borders. Read more about this image, thanks to our readers. Please scroll down…

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Note from a friend

A former student just sent me this link.

In part, her email to me read as follows: “I took your first amendment class and recall the discussions of the Civil Rights protesters and the police brutality they faced. I wanted to share this photo with you of a little girl who attended an Occupy Wall Street event in Fort Worth Texas.”



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Here is my reply:

It turns out this photo is from Brazil. They were protesting the destruction of their shantytown by a company planning to make expensive homes. But it serves to show just how pervasive this backlash against free speech has become.

We have discovered that not only is a lobbying group offering to smear Occupy Wall Street, but that the raids nationwide are being organized by DHS as “Occupy Wall Street” was considered to be a threat by the Department of Homeland Security before the occupation of Liberty Plaza even began. Perhaps that is why Yahoo mail was censoring emails containing “occupywallst.org”.

~ subsequent thoughts

No, the above image is not from America. But is this any better? 84 year old Dorli Rainey pepper sprayed while peacefully protesting at Occupy Seattle:

Or this, students from UC Davis:



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