Occupy Wall Street – Mayday

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Image from Up With Chris Hayes MSNBC

show this to anyone (Reuters) who says Mayday was a dud

Ginormous General Assembly at the Veteran’s Park

Mainstream media had this to say:

“Occupy Wall Street hoped to use May Day to shift back into high gear, but a poor turnout suggests the movement may not be able to regain its former glory.”

Meanwhile, the breaking news:

Crafty. While his country protests in the streets, he takes over every television station for “breaking news” that we will be in Afghanistan until 2024.

In front of the White house

Image from @sickjew Mayday Updates

Taken by Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer

The Union Square march is officially huge ~ @apblake

Tom Morello about to perform at Mayday (interviewed by @lukewearechange)

Occupy Mayday stage, waiting for Tom Morello

Good sign.

Thousands gather for the concert in Union Square

Occupy OM

Mainstream media is NOT the place to find news.

Reason.com: On the off chance you’re not participating in an immigrant solidarity boycott, why not celebrate Loyalty Day? The utterly bullshit holiday, created in 1959 to take some of the sheen off those commie May Day parades, is a good time to “make a commitment to be good citizens, fly the American flag, or take the time to learn about our Nation’s history,” apparently.

Leave it to Scott Olsen, victim of Oakland Police violence and Iraq Vet, to bring the Love.

Ahead of May Day, David Harvey on Urban Uprisings From Occupy Wall Street to Paris Commune

“Occupy Everywhere”: May Day Special Show on OWS, Immigration, Labor Protests

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