BUSTED! Paris Shooting Hoax SMOKING GUN Proof! Officer Shot Point Blank Range NO BLOOD!

Update with November 2015 attacks:

Please see Abel Danger: Psyop in Paris for extensive coverage
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No blood + no recoil + no body movement = fake
This video continues to be removed for various reasons within hours of its posting here. The only thing “shocking and disgusting” (YouTube’s most recent claim) this video shows is that our trusted media sources are deceiving the public! Check out the prior justification:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 7.46.42 PM

Screengrabs of the video that is being removed:

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.27.18 PM

In the following image, he shoots behind the person, hitting the cement and doing less damage than a BB gun. See the little grey puff? This is the image the media is blocking from the public. And it surely isn’t because of gore, nor is it misleading, as YouTube claimed. What about Free Speech in America, Google? La liberté d’expression est seulement pour la France?

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.28.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.27.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.27.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 8.27.47 PM

The Mirror.UK felt the need to use a qualifier2015/01/img_1894.png

Mainstream news obscures the ‘no blood problem’ with a little blur action2015/01/img_1895.png

The Charlie Hebdo Attack: Characteristics of a False Flag Operation? – Dr Paul Craig Roberts

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.

Source Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat. Their identity was allegedly established by the claim that they conveniently left for the authorities their ID in the getaway car. Such a mistake is inconsistent with the professionalism of the attack and reminds me of the undamaged passport found miraculously among the ruins of the two WTC towers that served to establish the identity of the alleged 9/11 hijackers.

It is a plausible inference that the ID left behind in the getaway car was the ID of the two Kouachi brothers, convenient patsies, later killed by police, and from whom we will never hear anything, and not the ID of the professionals who attacked Charlie Hebdo. An important fact that supports this inference is the report that the third suspect in the attack, Hamyd Mourad, the alleged driver of the getaway car, when seeing his name circulating on social media as a suspect realized the danger he was in and quickly turned himself into the police for protection against being murdered by security forces as a terrorist.

Hamyd Mourad says he has an iron-clad alibi. If so, this makes him the despoiler of a false flag attack. Authorities will have to say that despite being wrong about Mourad, they were right about the Kouachi brothers. Alternatively, Mourad could be coerced or tortured into some sort of confession that supports the official story. https://www.intellihub.com/18-year-old-charlie-hebdo-suspect-surrenders-police-claims-alibi/

The American and European media have ignored the fact that Mourad turned himself in for protection from being killed as a terrorist as he has an alibi. I googled Hamid Mourad and all I found (January 12) was the main US and European media reporting that the third suspect had turned himself in. The reason for his surrender was left out of the reports. The news was reported in a way that gave credence to the accusation that the suspect who turned himself in was part of the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Not a single US mainstream media source reported that the alleged suspect turned himself in because he has an ironclad alibi.

Some media merely reported Mourad’s surrender in a headline with no coverage in the report. The list that I googled includes the Washington Post (January 7 by Griff Witte and Anthony Faiola); Die Welt (Germany) “One suspect has turned himself in to police in connection with Wednesday’s massacre at the offices of Parisian satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo;” ABC News (January 7) “Youngest suspect in Charlie Hebdo Attack turns himself in;” CNN (January 8) “Citing sources, the Agence France Presse news agency reported that an 18-year-old suspect in the attack had surrendered to police.”

Another puzzle in the official story that remains unreported by the presstitute media is the alleged suicide of a high ranking member of the French Judicial Police who had an important role in the Charlie Hebdo investigation. For unknown reasons, Helric Fredou, a police official involved in the most important investigation of a lifetime, decided to kill himself in his police office on January 7 or January 8 (both dates are reported in the foreign media) in the middle of the night while writing his report on his investigation. A google search as of 6pm EST January 13 turns up no mainstream US media report of this event. The alternative media reports it, as do some UK newspapers, but without suspicion or mention whether his report has disappeared. The official story is that Fredou was suffering from “depression” and “burnout,” but no evidence is provided. Depression and burnout are the standard explanations of mysterious deaths that have unsettling implications.

Once again we see the US print and TV media serving as a ministry of propaganda for Washington. In place of investigation, the media repeats the government’s implausible story.

It behoves us all to think. Why would Muslims be more outraged by cartoons in a Paris magazine than by hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by Washington and its French and NATO vassals in seven countries during the past 14 years?

If Muslims wanted to make a point of the cartoons, why not bring a hate crime charge or lawsuit? Imagine what would happen to a European magazine that dared to satirize Jews in the way Charlie Hebdo satirized Muslims. Indeed, in Europe people are imprisoned for investigating the holocaust without entirely confirming every aspect of it.

If a Muslim lawsuit was deep-sixed by French authorities, the Muslims would have made their point. Killing people merely contributes to the demonization of Muslims, a result that only serves Washington’s wars against Muslim countries.

If Muslims are responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo, what Muslim goal did they achieve? None whatsoever. Indeed, the attack attributed to Muslims has ended French and European sympathy and support for Palestine and European opposition to more US wars against Muslims. Just recently France had voted in the UN with Palestine against the US-Israeli position. This assertion of an independent French foreign policy was reinforced by the recent statement by the President of France that the economic sanctions against Russia should be terminated.

Clearly, France was showing too much foreign policy independence. The attack on Charlie Hebdo serves to cow France and place France back under Washington’s thumb.

Some will contend that Muslims are sufficiently stupid to shoot themselves in the head in this way. But how do we reconcile such alleged stupidity with the alleged Muslim 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo professional attacks?

If we believe the official story, the 9/11 attack on the US shows that 19 Muslims, largely Saudis, without any government or intelligence service support, outwitted not only all 16 US intelligence agencies, the National Security Council, Dick Cheney and all the neoconservatives in high positions throughout the US government, and airport security, but also the intelligence services of NATO and Israel’s Mossad. How can such intelligent and capable people, who delivered the most humiliating blow in world history to an alleged Superpower with no difficulty whatsoever despite giving every indication of their intentions, possibly be so stupid as to shoot themselves in the head when they could have thrown France into turmoil with a mere lawsuit?

The Charlie Hebdo story simply doesn’t wash. If you believe it, you are no match for a Muslim.

Some who think that they are experts will say that a false flag attack in France would be impossible without the cooperation of French intelligence. To this I say that it is practically a certainty that the CIA has more control over French intelligence than does the President of France. Operation Gladio proves this. The largest part of the government of Italy was ignorant of the bombings conducted by the CIA and Italian Intelligence against European women and children and blamed on communists in order to diminish the communist vote in elections.

Americans are a pitifully misinformed people. All of history is a history of false flag operations. Yet Americans dismiss such proven operations as “conspiracy theories,” which merely proves that government has successfully brainwashed insouciant Americans and deprived them of the ability to recognize the truth.

Americans are the foremost among the captive nations.

Who will liberate them? – Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal

Post event commentary

Webster Tarpley: This is geopolitical terrorism cleverly disguised as revenge of Muslim fanatics; 48 hours before the attacks Hollande says sanctions against Russia must be dropped:

More from Michael:


More evidence of a staged event:

Evidence of Staged Event in Paris Charlie Hebdo Shooting
Planted ID card exposes Paris false flag

Slick editing

France False Flag Shooting — Attackers SPLICED IN + SWAT cut out + Man in bullet proof vest watches

Part 2


Micheal Rivera discusses the false flag in detail:

1.07.14 video

Some observations among others:

  • “The French people aren’t buying this either. It’s just too convenient for the war agenda”
  • “France is being punished for their pro-Palestinian stance” [14:00]
  • “France is being punished for suggesting sanctions against Russia be lifted” [@ beginning of video]
  • ‘Muslims had no justification to carry out this attack. Don’t accept the official story’ [19:00]
  • “We doubt today’s story because so many of these stories have turned out to be hoaxes in the past. (re regime change) Once a liar, always a liar. After a century of lies to start wars, nobody is going to think the US Government and the corporate media are all of the sudden going to be truthful… today. [24:30]
  • CNN is already saying that this is an ‘act of war against France’… already trying to link it to the war agenda. See? Don’t you want your kids to go to war against Islam? It’s a New Crusade!” [26:40]
  • Turns out the police man who was shot on sidewalk WAS ALSO MUSLIM. Does it make sense that radical Muslims would want to shoot one of their own? [27:14]

Michael continues to bust it wide open:

“This whole affair is starting to look like a really cheap Hollywood detective movie where the clues are always in clear view of the camera to make sure the audience is always going to see them” video

Inconsistencies tally from Jim Stone

(please visit his site for much more)

1. 10 people were supposed to have died with others injured. Yet at the scene, a max of 2 ambulances showed up when well over 10 would have been needed for such an event.

2. It looks like they did fire some real rounds from the looks of one of the police cars for this “drill”, however the pictures are not clear enough to show if the bullet holes are just gangsta stickers, in one of the photos the police officers are laughing and joking next to the shot up car where someone supposedly died. Additionally, images on Google of shot up windshields have cracks going all through the windshield. In this France event, all damage is limited to where the holes are. Is that possible?

3. All people who responded to the scene had French Foreign Legion haircuts. Odd for ambulance drivers and EMT’s.

4 (a good one) – If the perpetrators got away and have not been captured, HOW did the French police already identify them when they have not turned up elsewhere? Sort of like the passport on 911 or all those pristine passports from flight MH17. That works. Gotta have a positive ID on them to “prove” they are “Muslim” and not just the Mossad out on a field trip. Gotta do it when the shock factor is at max. And no one dropped a passport this time, HOW did the police figure it out? TIMES THREE?

5. I never saw any bloody photos from this, not even fake blood, not even from a police officer who was shot by an AK and laying on the sidewalk for 10 seconds before being “shot” a second time, and still no blood. Very odd if this is real.

6. Target was a group of [Zionists], who belong to a greater whole which stages B.S. terror attacks frequently. That stinks.

7. How did the road miraculously have no traffic? The scene is set up as if staged. It is as if the area was cordoned off prior to the “attack” for a drill, so the “terrorists” simply parked smack dab in the middle of the road because they knew there would be no traffic.

8. How did the attackers know there would be a giant staff meeting with everyone important for the publication present to be shot all at once? A little help from the NSA or what?

9. The publication had serious prior financial trouble, and if it was going to close anyway, why not use it to stage a psy op? That would “explain” why it closed, would it not?

10. There is no recoil on the AK as it shoots. I initially assumed blanks, but what about rubber bullets? At any rate, there was no sign of blood at any point from the police officer, an AK goes all the way through and bullet proof vests are for handguns, not AK rounds. If he was wearing one it would not work. LACK OF ANY RECOIL AT ALL SCREAMS BLANK.

11. All video initially posted was shot from rooftops. FOR A SCENE THAT LASTED LESS THAN A MINUTE. How did anyone get up to the roof that fast to get video of this, times several people shooting from different places? The roof tops were just regular roof tops with no reason for anyone to be up there. It is not like there was a roof top Starbucks or something. Why were people up there to begin with, how did they figure out what was going on and have their cell phones all ready to shoot video from perfect angles from start to finish?

ANSWER: They went up ahead of time, got in position, and shot video of a drill they knew would happen. It is the only rational answer. Even if they were a roofing crew, they would not have figured out something was going on and had camera phones (times several) shooting clear video in under 15 seconds to capture this less than a minute long event. The staged camera angles and time frame alone nails this as a fraud, such timing and positioning is flatly impossible. Even the robot android DATA from Star Trek could not have gotten up to the roof that fast, found where to shoot the best video from and captured this so well.

12: Getaway driver was in school at the time of the “incident”

Classmates stand up for him

The classmates of an 18-year-old suspect in the Paris shooting, that occurred yesterday afternoon at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, have protested his innocence by saying that he was in class at the time of the incident in which 12 people were murdered.

Hamyd Mourad was reported to have handed himself to the police at around 11pm last night after he saw his name mentioned on the news and his friends and acquaintances have said that he has an alibi, as they claim he was present in the classrooms that day.

Updates continuing, discuss this on the Forum


Je Suis CIA

From Global Research

Since 9/11, the imperial playbook has consisted of a favorite and time-tested tactic: the false flag operation.

Carry out or facilitate a spectacular atrocity. Blame it on the enemy of choice. Issue a lie-infested official narrative, and have the corporate media repeat the lie. Rile up ignorant militant crowds, stoke the hatred, and war-mongering imperial policy planners and their criminal functionaries get what they want: war with the public stamp of approval.

Here we are again.

The Charlie Hebdo incident is being sold as “the French 9/11”. It certainly is, in all of the most tragic ways: France, like the United States on 9/11, has been used. The masses of the world have been deceived, and march in lockstep to NATO’s drumbeat again.

All signs lead from French intelligence back to Washington—and Langley, Virginia—directly and indirectly. Red herrings and deceptions comprise the official narrative.

The Al-Qaeda narrative, the classic CIA deception, gets fresh facelift. The fact that Al-Qaeda is CIA-created Anglo-American military-intelligence is ignored. The agenda behind the ISIS war—a massive and elaborate regional CIA false flag operation—registers even less.

The Charlie Hebdo terrorists have ties to Anglo-American intelligence and the Pentagon that the masses do not bother to think about. They are also tied to the (conveniently dead) 9/11-connected Al-Qaeda mastermind/CIA military-intelligence asset Anwar Al-Awlaki. These and other obvious connections to Washington and the CIA do not raise alarm bells among the ardent ones waving Je Suis Charlie signs (which “magically” appeared, and seem to have been mass-produced in advance).

Signs of an inside job and a still unfolding cover-up are significant, from pristine, undamaged passports found on scene to the convenient suicide of Helric Fredou, the Paris police commissioner in charge of the Hebdo investigation.

The Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly were not only well known by French authorities, French intelligence and the CIA. The Kouachis were tracked and monitored—guided—over the course of many years, arrested many times, yet were allowed to continue training and plotting with fellow Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc. These are telltale signs of a guided military-intelligence operation. A blatantly obvious terror cell, known to authorities, “drops out of sight”, and then set loose at an appropriate moment. And then executed.

None of these things, which alarm seasoned observers, registers among the emotional masses; the lemmings who willfully refuse to address its real source: the architects of Anglo-American war policy.

Only the NATO war agenda benefits from any of this.

“France’s 9/11” is more accurately France’s latest Operation Gladio. As noted by Paul Craig Roberts, there is a reason why the Charlie Hebdo attacks took place when it did:

France is suffering from the Washington-imposed sanctions against Russia. Shipyards are impacted from being unable to deliver Russian orders due to France’s vassalage status to Washington, and other aspects of the French economy are being adversely impacted by sanctions that Washington forced its NATO puppet states to apply to Russia.

This week the French president said that the sanctions against Russia should end (so did the German vice-chancellor).

This is too much foreign policy independence on France’s part for Washington. Has Washington resurrected “Operation Gladio,” which consisted of CIA bombing attacks against Europeans during the post-WW II era that Washington blamed on communists and used to destroy communist influence in European elections? Just as the world was led to believe that communists were behind Operation Gladio’s terrorist attacks, Muslims are blamed for the attacks on the French satirical magazine.

Now France is militarized, just as the US was in the wake of 9/11. And the French right-wing has newfound cache.

The hostile takeover of the public mind

Notice that the last two false flag operations in recent months—the false flagging of North Korea over Sony and the film The Interview, and the Charlie Hebdo deception—both revolve around the ideas of “free speech” and “free expression”.

This is a phantom battle, choreographed by those who could not care less for “freedoms”. In fact, the masses are being manipulated towards supporting war and mass murder, and police state agendas that specifically curtail freedoms.

What more creative way to take away freedoms than to make people give them up voluntarily?

The hordes of American citizens that supported the “war on terrorism” to “defend freedom” got the Patriot Act, which gutted what liberties they had; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not be restored. This process continues all over the world. Ask the average uninformed French citizen today suffering from post-traumatic stress, and they will gladly give up their rights, anything so that “terrorists” are stopped.

Note how the powers that be have taken to inserting their pro-war messages even more forcefully where the ignorant public spends the majority of its time: in popular entertainment. In Hollywood products, in their cartoons, in their magazines, in their celebrities.

Let George Clooney, Seth Rogen and James Franco transmit the messages of war for the CIA and the Pentagon.

Weaponize stupid movies like The Interview and crude magazines like Charlie Hebdo, and watch people become bloodthirsty, vengeful, unthinking and war-loving.

It is the CIA’s ongoing mission to plant its assets and its propaganda into the media and the arts, controlling the perception of culture as well as framing all debate. It is making a huge push at the moment, relishing the speed and effectiveness of technology and social media.

Hundreds and thousands of innocent lives have been lost in this endless, brutal and criminal war. Yet its architects and functionaries remain untouched.

Je Suis Langley

No Anglo-American war of conquest, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No CIA, no Militant Islam, no Al-Qaeda, no ISIS, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No 9/11, no “war on terrorism”, no ISIS deception, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No war against Russia, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Je Suis Charlie? No.

To the naïve ones who believe the lies and march on the streets carrying the signs, you are the victims, the gullible, the dupes, the pawns.

Tu es CIA.

Tu es NATO.

Analysis from Paul Craig Roberts:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments.

See also his latest: Suspicions are growing that the French shootings are a false flag operation

Charlie Hebdo and Tsarnaev’s Trial: Cui bono?

Paul Craig Roberts

There are two ways to look at the alleged terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

One is that in the English speaking world, or much of it, the satire would have been regarded as “hate speech,” and the satirists arrested. But in France Muslims are excluded from the privileged category, took offense at the satire, and retaliated.

Why would Muslims bother? By now Muslims must be accustomed to Western hypocrisy and double standards. Little doubt that Muslims are angry that they do not enjoy the protections other minorities receive, but why retaliate for satire but not for France’s participation in Washington’s wars against Muslims in which hundreds of thousands have died? Isn’t being killed more serious than being satirized?

Another way of seeing the attack is as an attack designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington. The suspects can be both guilty and patsies. Just remember all the terrorist plots created by the FBI that served to make the terrorism threat real to Americans. http://reason.com/blog/2014/07/22/human-rights-watch-all-of-the-high-profi

France is suffering from the Washington-imposed sanctions against Russia. Shipyards are impacted from being unable to deliver Russian orders due to France’s vassalage status to Washington, and other aspects of the French economy are being adversely impacted by sanctions that Washington forced its NATO puppet states to apply to Russia.

This week the French president said that the sanctions against Russia should end (so did the German vice-chancellor).

This is too much foreign policy independence on France’s part for Washington. Has Washington resurrected “Operation Gladio,” which consisted of CIA bombing attacks against Europeans during the post-WW II era that Washington blamed on communists and used to destroy communist influence in European elections? Just as the world was led to believe that communists were behind Operation Gladio’s terrorist attacks, Muslims are blamed for the attacks on the French satirical magazine.

The Roman question is always: Who benefits? The answer is: Not France, not Muslims, but US world hegemony. US hegemony over the world is what the CIA supports. US world hegemony is the neoconservative-imposed foreign policy of the US.

According to National Public Radio, Charlie Hebdo is about free speech. The US has free speech, claim NPR’s pundits, but terrorists have taken it away from the French.

Just how does the US have free speech when NY Times reporter James Risen was psychologically put on the rack to force him to reveal his source, despite the fact that Risen and his source are protected by the US Constitution and whistleblower protections. Clearly, in the US “national security” has trumped everything else.

“National security” has nothing to do with national security. It has only to do with protecting the criminals in the US government from accountability for their crimes. Every time you hear Washington invoke “national security,” you know for a 100% fact that the government has committed yet another crime. National security is the cloak for Washington’s criminal operations. “National security” prevents the government’s crimes from coming to light and, thereby, protects government from accountability.

One wonders what role “national security” will play in the trial of alleged Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Tsarnaev has been in custody since April 2013 and under indictment since April 22, 2013. Yet jury selection is only now beginning in January 2015. Why this long delay? The guarantee of a speedy trial no longer means anything, but with all sorts of charges in addition to the bombing for which the government claims eye witnesses and confessions and with the Tsarnaev brothers already convicted in the media, the long delay is a puzzle. Yet, we have not heard from Dzhokhar Tsarnaey himself. It is difficult to push away the thought that Dzhokhar’s trial has been delayed in order to compete his conditioning and acceptance of his guilt and in order for the many questions raised by alternative media to be forgotten.

The print and TV media have dished up the government’s explanation without investigation. However, the alternative media have taken great exception to every aspect of the case. As the US government has taught us since the Clinton regime, the safest assumption is that everything the government says is a lie.

The most suspicious aspect of the event was the speed with which an army of 10,000 heavily armed troops consisting of police from various jurisdictions and National Guard soldiers outfitted in military gear and provided with tanks or armored personnel carriers were on the streets of Boston. Never before has such a massive force equipped with military heavy equipment been employed in a manhunt, much less for one wounded, unarmed, 19-year old kid.

For such a force to be assembled and deployed so quickly suggests pre-planning. What was presented as a manhunt for one badly wounded suspect looks more like a test case and precedent for locking down one of America’s largest cities, while squads of troops evicted US citizens from their homes at gunpoint and conducted indiscriminate searches of houses that contributed nothing to apprehending the alleged suspect. The chances are zero that any household would have harbored a badly wounded unarmed fugitive dying from the lack of medical care.

Not only was Boston and its suburbs locked down, the Federal Aviation Administration restricted airspace over Boston and issued a “ground stop” for Logan airport. Why?

Several other cities in Massachusetts and even some other states put their police forces on alert. Why?

On the scene were the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, the CIA, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Counterterrorism Center. The US Attorney General committed the full resources of the US Department of Justice.

The only plausible answer is to raise the fear level in order to gain the public’s acceptance of the lockdown of Boston and police invasions of citizens’ homes. It makes no sense that danger from a badly wounded unarmed 19 year-old could possibly justify such expense and trampling of constitutional rights of citizens.

A non-gullible person must wonder if the bombing was an orchestrated event for the purpose of coordinating state, local, and federal governments in the lockdown of a major city. A poll of Bostonians last July found that 42 percent harbored doubts about the official version of events. http://www.globalresearch.ca/four-in-ten-bostonians-skeptical-of-official-marathon-bombing-account/5390848

The gullible always say that if a conspiracy existed someone would have talked. But people do talk. It just doesn’t do any good. For example, during George W. Bush’s first term a NSA whistleblower leaked to the New York Times that the NSA was bypassing the FISA Court and spying on American citizens without warrants. Under US law, NSA was in a conspiracy with the Bush regime to commit serious felonies (possibly for the purpose of blackmail), but the New York Times spiked the story for one year until George W. Bush was re-elected and the regime had time to ex post facto legalize the felonies.

Operation Gladio was a conspiracy kept secret for decades until a President of Italy revealed it.

The Northwoods Project was kept secret until years afterward when the second Kennedy Commission revealed it.

More than one hundred first responder police and firemen report hearing and personally experiencing multiple explosions floor by floor and even in the sub-basements of the World Trade Center twin towers, and these testimonies had no effect whatsoever.

It only took one high school physics professor to shoot down NIST’s account of the collapse of WTC 7. The fact that it has been conclusively proven that this building was brought down by controlled demolition has had no effect on the official story.

The co-chairmen and legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission published books in which they say that information was withheld from the Commission, that the US Military lied to the Commission, and that the Commission “was set up to fail.” Neither Congress, the media, nor the US public had any interest in investigating why information was withheld, why the military lied, and why the Commission was set up to fail. These extraordinary statements by the leaders of the official investigation had no impact whatsoever.

Even today a majority of the US population believes Washington’s propaganda that Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed some provinces. Neither judgement nor intelligence are strongpoints of the American public and juries.

Government tells Americans whatever story the government puts together and sits and laughs at the gullibility of the public.

Today the US public is divided between those who rely on the “mainstream media” and those who rely on the alternative Internet media. Only the latter have any clue as to what is really happening.

The stories of Charlie Hebdo and the Tsarnaev brothers will be based not on facts but on the interests of government. As in the past, the government’s interest will prevail over the facts.


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  2. Something else that is suspicious. On the crime scene after the police officer has been gunned down, I found out there’s a parked car missing. I made a photoshop montage and uploaded it at this location : http://s29.postimg.org/e2r8fmydz/Paris_Shooting_Cars_Position.jpg

    I guess the scene in picture #4 is not THAT long after the police officer has been gunned down. I found it interesting that someone will take his car and simply get away from a crime scene like it’s not big business.


  3. Thanks – it’s getting hard to keep up with all of this. I did add one or two videos about the “crisis actors” showing “duping delight”. Including the police man’s wife who was smiling brightly throughout all of her interviews.


  4. also I found this video. I already thought the guy was running weirdly out the shop with his hands together. This uploader noticed it too. there also is a response video from someone who does see a hand going to the left when he falls. Take a look at the two videos


  5. Hi there.
    Can someone please take a proper look at the following 2 youtube vids ( 2 different angles) and tell me if my conclusion is right? I think I figured out why the car was still there and why the camera shifts upwards just before a ‘granate’ or something lights up. The camera goes upwards in the second video, just before the light exploding. In the 1st video the maker noticed someone suddenly in front of the door. In the 2nd video you cant see this because the camera goes up. The light , i think, is exploding outside the store… not inside! It so looks the guy in the first video throws it there and thats why the other policemen back up a bit. The car was there to obstruct this from being on the camera and the camera going up also helped. Please take a look and tell me what t you see/conclude.


  6. @Admin:

    I see you’ve posted the Youtube video titled “Paris Attack Staged Photo found Using Google Earth”. Are you aware of the fact that this video isn’t there to show us a staged photo but rather to prove us that people will believe in anything? Please read the author’s comment, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say.


  7. @Ponjer:

    Thank you again for delivering information. Last days, I didn’t have the time to investigate as much as I would like to. I’ll try to keep some spare time this weekend to catch it up with you! Nice work.. and for your France yellow pages question, I’ll ask to a friend who’s from there how it works!


  8. Michel Catalano

    “i think they killed everyone”

    im sure there is a special name for trying to confuse us with different information all the time. Narcissists/ psychopats also do that. it makes you so baffled and doubting yourself, so that they have power over you.
    and if you say to them: but you said something else last time! They turn it around and tell you you are crazy. Thats what they also do with the conspiricy believers …. we are the crazy ones ! :)

    I couldnt find any personal adresses of Meradet or Lepere. but I found it hard to find like french yellow pages. Maybe someone else can try.


  9. @naddac
    I searched for photos… Nothing came up. Not for Ahmed meradet or for Lilian Lepere ( the Guy in CTD / creation tendance decouverte building ).
    Maybe others can try too.
    So i’m Really wondering how they got those three photos of Lilian Lepere?
    One of them with the crazy arm, looks like a professional photo.

    Concerning Copain d’avant website. I googled Ahmed meradet and copain davant together. Altering time-periodes. And his name only came up from August 2011 on forward. And i googled the photo ( the only photo out there of him :) ) also in combination with copain davant. And then iT shows up in october 2012.
    So… If i did iT right ( mAybe someone can check?) … This would mean that he started being on this website in 2011? And this also means he already was a policeman. And not a entrepeneur, like iT states on THE website?

    Further i found more inconsistencies.

    The owner of CTD spoke in an interview. He said nothing About Pascal Lepere. Who, according to Lilian, escaped ( sounds familiar > Hero supermarket ) i read somewhere.
    Also in THE end of this videoclip, shows the same kind of ‘sadness’ – no tears, as in the video of ahmed’s relatives. I Will post YouTube link later.

    Also he was hiding in a box? And later he said in a kitchencabinet or

    Lilian Lepere Texted his father, that they had killed everyone.
    Who? There was no one else there? Only the owner. I didnt Hear anything in the media About other people being there? I Will post that link later too.


  10. @Ponjer:

    Thank you for all the informations you posted, I appreciate. Concerning Ahmed and his relatives. I find it suspicious that they always use the same picture of him.

    Follow me here:

    • According to the information in his “Copain d’avant” profile, he was entrepreneur;
    • According to the Liveleak article, he was entrepreneur between 2003-2006;
    • One can speculate that his profile wasn’t updated since 2006;
    • So, that picture of him could well dated as far as 2006. And they can’t show us other pictures of him than this one??? Very suspicious.

    You’re right by stating that no one gave us the same age (was he 40, 41 or 42?). In the conference with his relatives, his brother claim that he was a protective son, a teasing brother, a generous uncle and a loving companion. No mention of the kids he supposedly had. I doubt that they are his relatives. Like you said, they act kind of funny. And who’s the guy at his right giving him advices? Could it be a psychoterapist of some sort? Confusing.

    Last thing that pops to my mind that I want to share with you… I heard some radio show on January 10th talking about the hostage situation at the supermarket. They were talking about how fascinating it was that no hero has been promoted as the savior of the situation like any other “good psyops”. And boom! What I see yesterday? The story of the freezer man who gave the location of the hostage and detailled plan of the market to the police. I was like.. no, you kidding me, right?

    And for the 4 guys thing, I can’t make my mind on it right now… too many fails at once!


  11. @naddac
    found this

    ‘Rocco Contento, a spokesman for the Unité police union, told reporters that three attackers got into a getaway car driven by a fourth man on fleeing the building and drove to Port de Pantin in north-east Paris, where they abandoned the first car and hijacked a second – turning the driver out into the road’



    I see also different ages for Ahmed all the time .. 40-41-42 ….


  12. in response to the you tube video of Malek ( brother of Ahmed ), I found another vid on http://www.francetvinfo.fr/faits-divers/attaque-au-siege-de-charlie-hebdo/direct-attentats-a-paris-al-qaida-au-yemen-menace-la-france_793239.html

    scroll down on the page to 23h15

    Im getting paranoid

    the guy on his left …seems out of place. It looks like he is there to make sure Malek is saying things right and to prompt him or make sure he makes no mistakes. You can also see him bumbling/saying something to Malek in the first video posted by cafacal at 0:48

    Also in the end of this video on francetvinfo.fr .. suddenly this guy wipes away tears in his eyes. He didnt cry once. And then like there is a switch… he and the rest stand up.


    1. What did we actually see and hear?? id-photos and some taped conversations. it could have been anyone on those tapes.
    2. didnt want to release those conversations, because it could harm the situation. oh no… but its ok to just call the place were they were hiding? makes perfect sense.
    3. werent there cameras at charlie hebdo and the gasstation they robbed?
    4. they need a hero: guy who locked some people in the coolling area and got away. why didnt he bring some people with him to escape?
      !!5. could someone please explain to me, because its really bothering me, why there was still a car/cars right in front of the supermarket entrance? wouldnt that be inconvienient when you try to rescue people? doesnt look that proffesional to me.
    5. first there was a hostage, oh no.. there wasnt
    6. the lady was with amedy, oh no she was in syria
    7. didnt the hostages come running out of the supermarket a bit funny?
    8. one policeofficer is running into the store. is that professional? i am no expert, but wouldnt some have to go with him to back him up inside?
    9. my french isnt that good, but i think the french comment of female reporter said when the guy was running outside: clearly the hostagetaker. clearly? really? I see someone with a black suit. could have been anyone.
    10. why were the policemen firing with simpel handguns? didnt the guy inside have like big kalshnikofs?

    The u.s.a. wanted to have acces to flightdetails of passengers, which the EU recently said “no” to. Guess what.. its back on the agenda. So probably they will get want they have wanted for a long time, how convenient.


  13. Ahmed Merabets relatives n public…….watch the woman carefully, some media claimed his wife or partner. Right at the end she appears to be suppressing laughter, as does the speaker. what is this? Notice the comments section. Others have noticed it too.

    You tube is taking these down, cutting the end of the clip, or pasting an ad OVER THE FACE OF THE WOMAN. (Another act proving the media complicity).


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  15. Concerning Charlie Hebdo, can someone explain me why there is no search going on for the third one and why they’re not after him like they did with the other two (Kouachi bros)? Two escaped with the Citroen car and an another on a scooter. The younger brother surrender himself and they say that he have a alibi by being at school at the time of the shooting. I really doubt that it could have been Amedy Coulibaly.

    So, where is the third guy!? Suddenly, it doesn’t care anymore?


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  17. All this is like a big theater in which whole world is taken as stupid. Paris shooting is another hoax, like Boston bombing in USA . IS or ISIS is another demonization tool for muslims funded by international dark forces . They are laying foundation for the next invasion in Mideast.


  18. This is how an actual shooting would have looked:

    There is some strange conspiracy theory that a man was shot in the head, but there was no blood. Have you heard this one? LOL


  19. Here is the video of “actor” being mis-translated – thank you to commenters for pointing this out (I’ve removed it from the post)


  20. Pingback: Aanslag op Charlie Hebdo een hoax? | Complotdenken

  21. @naddac
    Thank you for translating. In dutch ‘auteur’ means ‘writer’ , i assumed iT was the same in french :)


  22. @Ponjer :

    Regarding Ahmed Merabet. It sounds even more suspicious than before I read that article on liveleak. Look at this : “Officials at the Bobigny business registry office said a person with the same name and age as Merabet ran a cleaning company between 2003 and 2006 in Livry-Gargan, a north-east Paris suburb where he went to school.” Doesn’t it sounds funny : “a person with the same name and age as Merabet”.

    It’s ambiguous, is it him or not? As if someone is trying to induce us in error if we ever stumbled on the fact that Ahmed was an entrepreneur. But I don’t discard the possibility that his profile has never been updated since 2006.

    Also, the article of the Tuniscope (see link below) said he has a wife and two kids. But on the liveleak article you can read : “Merabet was officially described as single, although he had a girlfriend, according to Contento.”
    Contento knows him personally as mentionned previously in the same liveleak article.

    Article ref : http://www.tuniscope.com/article/60335/actualites/international/ahmed-532112


  23. @Ponjer :

    Thank you for the information regarding the policeman. I’ll take a look at it.

    Also, as a person whose primary language is french, I can assure you that Hollande said ‘auteurs’ which means ‘perpetrators’ in english and not ‘actors’.


  24. @naddac

    According to an article i found on live.leak a person named Ahmed Merabet did have a cleaning company years back (2003-2006). And he had been working as a policeofficer for the past 8 years.
    So maybe he didn’t update his profile on this website or he hasn’t been using it anymore.


  25. In regards to the video of Hollande saying ‘actors’. I found the original video online and he doesn’t say actors ( at least, it’s not what i’m hearing ). It’s more like ‘auteurs’/ writers. Maybe a french person can listen more closely.


  26. To: Occupy Blogosphere. The video work you did on the Paris crisis incident is exceptional. It is one of the best direct proofs that these incidents are staged. Please repost the 1:26 min/sec video ‘no blood’ . Your video should become a classic, of journalism.

    Please take action


  27. I never been fooled by things like this in the past. The mere fact that the whole picture looks to convenient and easy is usually how you can tell if something is staged. I know there is an aggressive campaign against Islam as Islam is in countries with Western Interests. This is just another campaign for public opinion so that more heinous acts can be carried out without public friction.


  28. I found a profile of the policeman “Ahmed Merabet” on a site called “Copain d’avant” which can be translated to “Old friends”. It says that he’s 41 (not 42 like the medias have told us) and that he’s a entrepreneur (not a policeman). This sounds a little suspicious to me.

    Article ref : http://www.tuniscope.com/article/60335/actualites/international/ahmed-532112

    Profile ref : http://copainsdavant.linternaute.com/p/ahmed-merabet-9210631


  29. I found a profile of the policeman “Ahmed Merabet” on a site called “Copain d’avant” which can be translated to “Old friends”. It says that he’s 41 (not 42 like the medias have told us) and that he’s a entrepreneur (not a policeman). This sounds a little suspicious to me.

    Article ref : http://www.tuniscope.com/article/60335/actualites/international/ahmed-532112

    Profile ref : http://copainsdavant.linternaute.com/p/ahmed-merabet-9210631


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  31. They’re talking about it more here

    Unbelievable how many videos YouTube is removing today. This one was simply a chat with several youtubers discussing the Paris operation.


  32. Regarding 4. The suspects supposedly left their id-cards in the get away car. If this was Really professionally done, like experts are saying… Would you bring your id? And accidentilly leave them in the car? I won’t. One of the suspectst ( 18 years ) just turned himself in. Saying he was in school when iT happened. A lot of support for his alibi supposedly going around in social media. The safety / gun Proof jacket might be logical, because they were aware an attack could be possible looking at threaths and molotov cocktail in 2011. So they could have had those jackets in THE building for protection if needed.


  33. They tried to pull a hoax here in Canaduh,with the shootings(fake) at our parliament,also here in BC charging 2 fake ‘terrorists’,JS Nuttall and Amanda Korody,who have since had their ‘charges’….’stayed’!


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