Joe Rogan gives platform to Monsanto Shill

The following choice comments found below the video:

  • First 2 mins and they have already conflated selective breeding with genetic engineering…I’m gonna go watch a gorilla do advanced calculus I think it has a better grasp on things.
  • At 2:35:25 he admits his job is to work with farmers to show them how to use Monsanto products. That should end the shill debate right there. Thanks science guy.
  • ONE MINUTE IN AND HE’S ALREADY MISREPRESENTING GMO’s AS SOMETHING BENIGN AND AS OLD AS AGRICULTURE Fucking wingnut asshole.  Basically he’s saying GMO is just gene manipulation which is just selective breeding.  WRONG-O!!!  Gene manipulation in the form of laboratory splicing, is verrrrry different than creating hybrid plants through natural breeding.
  • If GMO’s are safe and wonderful, why is Monsanto fighting GMO labeling?  The amount of evidence that GMO foods are dangerous is enormous.  Didn’t the WHO just say that roundup is a ‘likely carcinogen’.  This is Rogan’s most disappointing podcast yet.  Joe, you really let a lot of people down with this one.  You should have learned the difference between selective breeding and genetic splicing before you got high.
  • 2 minutes in and Joe is already showing his ignorance.  GMO is not “cross breeding” I don’t know how many fucking times one can say that.  Fuck GMO and fuck anybody who is repeating garbage about how GMO is the same as cross breeding.  MORONS!  You fucking eat that frankenfood, I’m not.  That’s why I’m working towards my own organic greenhouse.  Grow and eat your own horseshit ideology, I prefer my own logic on the matter.  Thanks.
  • Joe, I’ll be waiting for links to Kevin Folta’s sources. He has letters after his name, and knows how to play university politics (if he is department chairman), but this doesn’t mean he is a walking wikipedia for every legal case in the agricultural arena. If he is not working for Monsanto, it seems likely that he would not know whether that company has actually released products containing terminator seeds or not.
  • What’s that? Monsanto has donated at least a million dollars to the University of Florida Foundation? Yes. Hell, there’s even a professor whose is part of a Monsanto Endowment program at UF. Welcome to research capture by big business. And if you want to talk about farming with less inputs, why are you still supporting an agricultural system that continues to deplete our topsoil at a rate of 1% annually? There may be science involved in modern agriculture, but the system of monoculture industrial agriculture is hardly scientifically sound. It goes against ecology, soil biology, hydrology, and more. For an objective and scientific discussion, people should check out the Union of Concerned Scientist’s discussion on agriculture and GE crops.
  • I am a person who personally thinks that a lot of the fear over GMO’s is overblown – the point that pretty much ALL foods we (except wild animals/plants) are GMO’s is true by definition (crop != wild plant). However, that being said, saying “Much of the hubbub over GMO’s is misguided” DOES NOT lead to the conclusion “Therefore, the food companies are just minding their own business and working for our benefit.” They are businesses, and they are not good or evil – they simply do what is best for increasing profits and ensuring their survival as a company. Sometimes, that will lead them to do things that are pro-social, and sometimes not; it really depends on the circumstances and the incentives and regulatory framework they face. Now, on to Folta – a very cursory Google search reveals that Folta is an “Independent Expert” for, which is a website run by “The Council of Biotechnology Information.” Said council is an association of biotechnology firms, including the “Big 6” ones: Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Bayer, BASF, Syngenta.
  • I live 5 miles away from Percy Schmieser’s farm, where Monsanto canola seeds blew onto his land grew and they sued him, but because he didn’t use the herbicide Round-Up he got off with only paying 20,000 and not Monsanto’s legal bills, not a big fan of that company.
  • No one is against selective breeding. While it is true humans have been selectively breeding plants for thousands of years, that’s not what the fuss is about. The concern is transgenic genetic modification. Breeding can happen in nature but the insertion of a specific gene from a totally unrelated species in the lab which would never happen in nature is where are the controversy lies. That’s only been commercially done since 1996. Yes they are both forms of genetic modification but solar panels and nuclear power plants are both forms of energy capturing but very different with very different levels of risk. GMO-opponents are against the transgenic crops which are either modified to produce their own pesticide (bt toxin which cannot be washed off) or to be RoundUp Ready to withstand being sprayed by Glyphosate herbicide and not die (which the World Health Organization recently said “probably causes cancer”). He even admits Glyphosate is responsible for creating herbicide resistant super weeds. So it’s not effective anymore and most likely causes cancer. How is that better than organic? He says that Monsanto crops are safe because they have to pass regulation by the FDA and USDA without stating that Monsanto’s former vice president of public policy Michael Taylor is head of the FDA and former biotech industry lobbyist Thomas Vilsack heads the USDA. Throw in Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto Danforth Center as director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and Islam Siddiqui, a former Monsanto lobbyist as Agriculture Trade Representative and the conflicts of interest are worse than you can write up in a fictional novel! His claim that “not a single ill effect has been attributed to GMO’s” is questionable at best. In Argentina where they plant the most GM soy which is doused with Glyphosate there are numerous ill health effects (like cancer and deformities) reported by the locals living near the crops being sprayed. See: ‘Are pesticides linked to health problems in Argentina?’ Those pesticides/herbicides are directly associated with GM crops. Also there is not 1 single long term epidemiological HUMAN study proving safety of GMO’s. You cannot claim there are no effects on humans by only studying petri-dishes or rats. We live in a world where 1 in 2 people get cancer, how can he say that not 1 case is related to GMO’s or the associated herbicide Glyphosate which is already linked to cancer? GMO’s were introduced in 1996, how long was it after it was presumed a good idea to add lead to gasoline that we discovered it wasn’t such a good idea? It took 50 years. Would be nice to get the other side of the argument as it’s not all “hippies with no understanding of science”. Here’s a former pro-GMO scientist who switched his stance after retiring: If Monsanto is so proud of their tech then label it. People should have a choice. All the people that agree with Kevin Folta can buy all the GMO’s they want but how would they know where to get “super great GMO products” without a label? The GMO industry is the only one that wants to force you to consume their product by deceptive means. Most companies advertise their product’s features instead of hide them.



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